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Locksmith works on metal mainly represent such types of works which are carried out by means of the manual tool. To locksmith may be attributed the following types of works: chopping of metal, metal cutting, manual correction and bending of details, filings, processing of openings (drilling, coredrilling, expansion), cutting of carvings manually, riveting, scraping, grinding, soldering and tinning.).


Welding - technological process of receiving one-peace connection of details, as a result of local or general heating of the connected parts. As a result of welding of metal during the heating and/or pressure there are processes which create a continuity of the connected metals. On types the welding works are divided into the following types: manual welding, mechanized welding, automatic welding.

For production of metal welding are used various power sources: electric arch, gas flame, laser radiation, electronic beam, ultrasound.

Milling works (milling) - processing of materials using cutting by means of a mill. (A mill - the cutting multi-blade tool in the form of a rotation body with teeths.) Milling works are one of the most productive processes with very high efficiency therefore for a long time were widely used most in metalworking.


The most demanded and often irreplaceable technological process during creation of details and preparations. Turning works - one of ways of metal working applied to production of the rotating details (flanges, rings, transitions, shaft, nuts, plugs, etc.). In fact - turning works are a change of a form and the amount of preparation in the way of removal of the set allowance.




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